About Donna
More Than 90% Of All Online Business FAIL
Within Their First 120 days. 
Did that grab your attention? Awesome, but what this stat doesn’t tell you is that there are 10% who do succeed and succeed very well.

Ok so let’s start by saying…You know deep down in your heart that you have what it takes to launch an online business…Successfully.

You’ve had tons of ideas but you’re struggling to find something that sticks.

You’re drowning in the sea of noise in this online world…You’ve downloaded every FREEBE…Signed up for countless of newsletter and attended numerous mind numbing webinars that are all FLUFF they really don’t tell you how to put all these moving pieces together.

Growing an Online Business isn’t hard, once you understand how to crack the code to achieve success on your own terms.

Working Harder isn’t always the case.
Working on the right things at the right time leads to success.
Many people that have worked hard, getting up way to early and staying up way to late and still never really crack the code to accomplishing their dreams or goals.

Many have struggled to figure out how to put their skills set and decades of experiences into a business that their passionate about, can make a difference and make the money they deserve.
The Fluff Stops Here!
You see not so long ago I was exactly where you are…Doing what everyone told me I should be doing.

Consuming a ton of information but learning really nothing and I was left to struggle on my own, spending way too much money on programs and training's that really didn’t get me very far. Yes I learned a ton but never could figure out how to put all the pieces together.

My heart’s desire was to learn how to take my vast experience and turn it into a business that leaves the world a better place, a place that empowers women of all backgrounds to accomplish and reach Financial and Time FREEDOM for themselves and their families and a place where I know that I am giving back, using my passions and purpose in life to do what’s right and make a good living for my efforts.

Here’s What I Know About You:
You got a great idea for a business; you might have had it for years.

It’s been brewing in the back of your mind just waiting for the right time to start this side hustle.

You’ve been doing the research, how hard can this really be you’re an educated woman….Right?

You have spent most of your life in the working outside your home arena. You’ve acquired a vast amount of skills.

But your tired…You’re tired of all the BS that you have to go through every day.

You come home drained (emotionally and physically) only to know that in a few short hours you have to do it all again.

You know that you have a very specific idea that can solve a specific problem for people.

It is so easy to see you wonder why no one else sees it.

But you’re not sure if you can really create an business online making money just doing this?

OR…you’re in this cycle…

You have been trying this online thing for a while, you have your website up (you spent umpteen hours doing it yourself) it’s not perfect but your proud of it.

You have spent a ton of money on courses and training programs but something still seems to be missing.

The pieces still don’t fit.
And your left feeling defeated, drained and hating yourself once again because it just seems the harder you work, the more you try to see what others are doing, the more you jump from one thing to another hoping something will finally work…

But you only feel more of a FAILURE… So You Quit Once Again…

But the Dream is still burning inside you, so you vow to work Harder…Get more Focused.

And you start again, you’re doing everything you know to do, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, you even might of tried your hand on videos and posting on YouTube. You work 60+ hours a week and became totally exhausted.

And still no one bought your program or service….

It's Not Your Fault...
So many business owners and entrepreneurs have lived some version of this story.

They hope that potential clients and customers will magically find their way to their website and they will instantly opt-in and sign up or buy your service. But they don’t.

Your back to square one…I get it because that was my cycle for way to long, I know your pain!

Here’s What You Need To Know About Me
I’ve spent over 4 years learning and implementing what works and finding out what doesn’t.

I’m a straight shooter with a soft spoken heart. I know and understand what it feels like to be disappointed time and time again.

I have designed my business around my life and not the other way around.

I’m a geek in a way because the tech side of your business is easy for me. Getting all the pieces talking to each other and working nice together really isn’t that hard.

We all have a dream of what Time and Financial Freedom looks like. I’m here to help you discover exactly that for yourself.
So if you’re ready to CHANGE YOUR WORLD, LET’S DO IT!